Friday, October 30, 2009

Congenital Hydrocephalus

 This child was born by c-section. The mother was brought to the hospital in second stage and there was no way a head that big could be delivered vaginally. Notice the pathognomonic ‘setting-sun’ sign clearly seen in both pictures. Many doctors believe that an elective craniotomy should be done if the pregnancy has progressed to term. What are your views on this? Do leave comments. Thanks.


  1. It depends on what caused the hydrocephalus. If it is a tumor or lesion that caused this obstruction of cerebral spinal fluid, then the tumor (or source) needs to be removed, so that the CSF can drain. Yes a crainiotomy should be done. If there is no tumor, a shunt should be placed to drain the excess fluid from the ventricles.

  2. Sorry. I didn't make myself clear. When I said craniotomy, I meant it in an 'obstetrics' sense where you just make a hole in the vertex and let the brain tissue and fluid flow out, killing the baby instantly to facilitate delivery.


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